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Dyke Health Dashboard

The dykes are the most important defence against water in the Netherlands. When something is going on with a dyke, the authorities and the local residents need to know this as soon as possible. Furthermore, it is important to have insight into exactly what is happening with the dyke. 

With a network of StabiAlert sensors, changes and movements in a dyke body can be charted quickly and accurately. The 3D animation of the StabiFrame software provides an accurate picture of the changes in the dyke and where they are taking place in the dyke. All the data are gathered on our clear Dashboard and they are combined with figures about weather conditions and water levels. The sensor network provides an unambiguous answer as to whether these are natural movements or whether the situation requires an intervention.

Within 48 hours, and in the event of an emergency even sooner, StabiAlert is able to install an accurate network of sensors for permanent monitoring of flood defences.