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The StabiAlert system - the Deformation Monitor

The StabiAlert system works with sensors that were designed and developed in house. They can be used individually or combined in a network. Together with the software that processes the data in clear lists, graphs and 3D animations, they are the Deformation Monitor.

Safety above all

For all types of objects, the Deformation Monitor charts subsidence, rotations and damage - structural health monitoring. In doing so StabiAlert promotes the safety of people, buildings, engineering structures and the environment. 

With the unique combination of a tiltmeter and an acceleratometer, the StabiAlert sensors also demonstrate any damage. As the system also warns of further damage, it provides the opportunity to intervene in time and prevents high repair costs.

Quick response

The StabiAlert system is suitable for long-term monitoring and records. StabiAlert developed the Rapid Response system for situations where safety may be jeopardised suddenly. Sensors can be positioned quickly and easily on call, without requiring drilling or hacking work. StabiAlert's Rapid Response team will be on site within a few hours to install the sensor system. 

Real-time data

The sensors provide their data continuously - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are available immediately to ensure the condition of an object can be tracked real time. Stored data is displayed in convenient statements on the StabiView dashboard. The dashboard also displays weather conditions, tide or water levels to provide a complete picture.

The most important applications for the StabiAlert system:

- Buildings

- Coastal monitoring

- Bridges and viaducts

- Tunnels