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CrackR: The first 3D IoT Crack sensor

The CrackR monitors the movement of a crack autonomously in 3D for many years on end. Easy to install and set to work. You can monitor the sensor data online or using our App and set alarm triggers to receive alerts.  

The idea is simple: 

We placed a number of magnetic sensor element in a specific array above  a magnet. Using mathematic algorithms, three vectors are calculated to show the 3D movement of a crack. The CrackR awakes at an adjustable measurement interval and transmits collected sensor data. In this way, the battery life is even up to ten years. Applying these sensors structural safety monitoring will reduce costs significantly.


A CrackR is easy to install. Data is stored from that moment on providing valuable data immediately. Users can receive automated alerts by mail ?or SMS?. Sensor data can also be custom combined in projects using our API interface. All project data stays permanently available on demand via our web application or API interface.

The CrackR: 

  • Is a Unique tool serving asset and people safety

  • Reduces operational cost significantly

  • Is accurate and reliable

  • Has a long lifespan 

  • Is an affordable solution

For more information visit the CrackR website