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Rapid Response Monitoring

Working in a safe environment
StabiAlert's Rapid Response program is intended to secure the safety of people and the environment. These situations occur e.g. when sudden changes occur during works, such as subsidence, or in the event of impending emergencies. In those situations you need to know whether it is safe to continue working.

User friendly
StabiAlert's Rapid Response team will be on site quickly and can install a sensor system within a few hours. Monitoring provides immediate insight into the condition of an object or it will tell you whether a shift remains stable or continues. All measured data are displayed real-time and in a user-friendly manner on the StabiView dashboard.  

Together with the Rapid Response sensors, an alarm system can be fitted (120 decibel siren and alarm light) on site that warns if action is required. This guarantees that the Rapid Response system provides safety and security.